Sunday, July 8, 2007


I have lived in America for a number of years, but had for the previous 20 years lived in Oldmeldrum, close to the site of Robert the Bruce's victory over John Comyn.

This battle variously called Battle of Barra; Battle of Inverurie, took place on the 23rd of May 1308.

I had always entertained the idea of writing an account of the battle and creating a diorama using miniature figures. But other things came along and these plans slipped.

I have recently been looking at the "on-line" collaborative movement, and thought that it may be a vehicle for the production of a publication to commemorate the upcoming 700 year anniversary, of the Battle.

Historical Note:
Following his disappearance after the disasters of 1306, Robert returned to Galloway in 1307 and won a series of victories, prompting Edward I to head for Scotland to "finish the rebellion once and for all". However Edward died on route, and was replaced by Edward II. This left Robert free to act, and at some time during the summer of 1307, he launched a "break-out" for the south-west. He proceeded to intimidate or attack his Scottish enemies, and headed towards Moray, which had been an almost constant centre of resistance throughout the War of Independence.

So like Robert I, I am "breaking-out", and would be pleased to hear from others interested in the subject, and to work to produce a commemorative publication to mark the 700th anniversary of this turning point in Scotland's history. (either in conventional paper, or online form)