Friday, September 5, 2008

Legion Update

Once again due to the hard work of Evelyn, we have some answers on the “Meldrum Sports” picture.

Past secretary of the Sports committee, Bob Forsyth, found the answers following a search of his collection of old “Sports” programmes.
The year was 1954 and the Sports that year were opened by The Marquis of Aberdeen

In 1954 the Oldmeldrum Branch of the British Legion presented an ambitious re-enactment at Meldrum Sports entitled:

'A Pageant in Four Scenes'

We now also know that Sir Thomas de Longville was played by George Meldrum, who at one time had a shop in the Square - in 1954 it was Gall and Bruce's shop.

The Pageant must have been some undertaking; the programme has pages of historical notes, too many to reproduce here. But this must have been the norm for the time because the following year they presented an equally ambitious re-enactment about the Raising of the Gordons. 12,000 attended that year & Richard Dimbleby opened the Sports.

Thanks Evelyn and Bob for all your efforts.

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