Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Houston.....Meldrum Base here...... The Tyauve has landed

Well I made it here safe and well.
I landed on typically dreich NE day.
I was sitting on the plane wating for my first glimse of Scotland, and with all the mist and cloud, it was some time in coming. We broke through the cloud somewhere over Meldrum, and through the mist and rain I could see the patchwork of fields, many of them the bright yellow of oilseed rape, and many more edged with yellow whin or broom, as the plane made its final approach.
After getting my car and digging out my waterproof jacket, I set off for Meldrum. I drove by and had my first view of the Memorial, the weather not showing it at its best, but it as great to see it "in the flesh". I had lunch at the Redgarth, ( )which was the same as I remember, with my son Neil, and then arranged to meet some people. (reports on that in later posts).

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Aniela said...

Have you Juliet on your arm? Send pic's. . .
We love you.