Friday, May 23, 2008

Now's the day, and now's the hour

Well the big day has finally arrived, and once more Evelyn has done a great job of getting pictures and providing the following report.

"Hi Jim
Here are the photos. It was a bit difficult to take photos today with lots of people weilding cameras & moving about.
The unveiling ceremony was very meaningful and quite moving with the Saltire waving nearby in the breeze and the Lion Rampant covering the memorial. A fair crowd had gathered, including photographers from the Press & Journal, Inverurie Herald and Inverurie Advertiser.
Gillian Smith, in highland dress, set the ceremony in motion playing the bagpipes and as you can imagine it was stirring stuff for the soul.
Akki Manson, MBHS chairman, welcomed the crowd that had gathered then John Pirie related the story of the stone and the background to the battle.
The Meldrum primary pupils in their red school jumpers were a delight to behold as they whipped off the Lion Rampant to reveal Bruce's Seat and enjoy a round of applause.
All those who had helped in the project were thanked and then Gillian again played a selection of Scottish traditional tunes before all those who had contributed made their way to the Royal British Legion where Jim Presly, MBHS events' convener, had laid on a lavish array of refreshments which had been prepared by his wife Alice and daughters Karen & Angie.
I can safely say that the morning was greatly enjoyed by everyone, especially the schoolchildren, and we are all proud that we now have a memorial to commemorate the Battle of Barra.

It's such a shame you couldn't have been here.

Will be in touch soon.

All the best,

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