Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Grenago Stane 2

I have just received the OK to use the material from Rev. Haddow’s work, “Dowsing for Patterns of the Past – The stone Circles of Aberdeenshire”.

The following is the entry for the Grenago stane, for the full work go to: NOTE: The link was removed because the site was no longer available (May 2018) 


This solitary stone stands in the middle of a golf course (Old Meldrum) and has no recorded associations with a stone circle.
“Grenago” means “groaning” and gets its name from the despairing cries heard from the Earl of Buchan at the stone when he fled from the Battle of Barra in 1308, his men being routed by King Robert the Bruce.

Fig. 37 shows the dowsing pattern pointing to a comparatively small recumbent stone circle of 7 stones including the recumbent. The variation of the rod`s response to the longest stone indicates a recumbent and its flankers close together; this was confirmed by the segment of energy between it and the centre of the circle where there is an elliptical shape measuring 10 feet 2 inches east-west by 8 feet 6 inches north-south.
The stone on the east of the circle was very close to the central area, i.e. 2 feet.
It is unusual for the recumbent and its flankers to be in the north-east.
These previous examples of standing stones show them, according to the dowsing pattern, to be part of stone circles and the position of the other stones could be found. As many stone circles have disappeared completely but their sities have been recorded, it should be possible by dowsing these areas to gain information regarding the type of circles which were there.

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