Friday, July 3, 2009

Bruce’s Seat

Well I have been very lax in posting, and this post is at least 6 months overdue. I am only going to touch briefly on Bruce’s Seat, because its history and its move to its current location have been covered in several earlier posts.

When I visited Oldmeldrum last year I had the pleasure of meeting John Pirie, a driving force behind the memorial, who was able to tell me some history of Bruce’s Seat. Unlike today, the earlier footpath between Oldmeldrum, and Boutie, went around the eastern slope of Barra hill and the stone was located just off this path. John said he remembered it from childhood, and when in the 50’s the area was ploughed-up, the large stones were removed and placed in heaps, he marked the spot of this special stone. Half a century later he was able to identify it and help with its recovery and relocation as the centre piece of the battle of Barra memorial. ( John described the location of the stone as follows: Going up past Red House to the hill and straight on it was about 300m on just over the first fence dead ahead.)

The eastern slop of Barra hill viewed from the golf course.
Red House is in the centre.

Heaps of stones dot Barra hill as evidence of the 1950's agricultural changes. These are viewed from the present footpath looking westward. Bruce's seat was in a similar heap but to the east.

The start of the present day footpath located behind "Blankets"

Thanks to John for all his assistance.

Well that’s it for this one; I hope the next post is not so delayed.

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