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I am researching a post on the Comyns, and I came across this paragraph in Fordun. *
The murder of John Comyn was covered in earlier posts, so I will not belabour the details.
“The same year, after the aforesaid Robert had left the king of England and returned home, no less miraculously than by God’s grace, a day is appointed for him and the aforesaid John to meet together at Dumfries ; and both sides repair to the above-named place. John Comyn is twitted with his treachery and belied troth. The lie is at once given. The evil-speaker is stabbed, and wounded unto death, in the church of the Friars; and the wounded man is, by the friars, laid behind the altar. On being asked by those around whether he could live, straight- way his answer is : — " I can." His foes, hearing this, give him another wound ; — and thus was he taken away from this world on the 10th of February"
It is interesting how the use of a word can change.
The word is derived from Old English “atwiten” to reproach.
* John of Fordun was a 14th century Scottish chronicler who died around 1384. His work was very supportive of the twin heroes Bruce and Wallace, at the expense of the "villains" Balliol and the Comyns

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